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Lucie Kline feels her ass getting touched by a man

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Description: Lucie was just doing what normal teenagers girls do on random days. She was hanging out in her room playing with her pussy, sad that she didn't have access to a cock. Her step-brother was in the kitchen, minding his own business, when he heard the undeniable sounds of a young woman in need of some big dick. Being the gentleman that he is, he went to investigate and offer some help. He watched his step-sister masturbate for a minute before making his presence known. Like a flying guy in blue spandex, he swooped in and saved the day. He didn't leap tall buildings or deflecting bullets, he offered his step-sister exactly what she was craving. Lucie was nervous she wouldn’t be able to handle such a big piece of step-brother man meat. Once she got it in her mouth though, she deduced it could fit in her teen pussy no problem.
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