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Sporty babe Cyrstal Rae teasing in ripped leggings in public

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Description: Crystal usually gets stares whenever she works out. Its usually because of her super stacked body and huge tits for her size. The stares she was getting today however, were not like they normally are. Turns out, unannounced to Crystal, that she had a huge rip exposing her entire pussy! How embarrassing. Luckily, our boy Brad has some balls and finally told her. You can tell Crystal was pissed, but also thankful someone tried to look out for her, so she invites Brad back to her place to vibe. Since Brad has already seen the pwuss, its only fair that she lets him fuck it now too! Brad immediately grabs her leggings by the rip and tears them right off, dramatically probing her pussy with his pulsating cock.
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