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Girl on girl action with Tanya Tate and Mia Malkova

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Description: Mia Malkova confided in her mother how she was having sexual thoughts about women and her mom freaked out. She immediately sent her to Tanya Tate, a therapist friend of hers whom she hoped would help. Mia showed up for their first session and was a bit reticent earlier on but Tanya knew how to make her feel comfortable and open up to her. It obviously helped tremendously how hot Mia thought her new therapist was, but their immediate connection should also be attributed to her skills as a therapist. All the conversation about lesbian sex and how gorgeous women were just got Tanya revved up and ready to go herself. She also had many dalliances with women and although most of that was in the past for her, somehow Mia rekindled all those sexual appetites that Tanya thought were long gone.
Channel: Reality Kings
Categories: Lesbian
Pornstars: Tanya Tate Mia Malkova