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Nerdy blonde Kandace Kayne sucks off a locksmith in her garters

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Description: Kandace Kayne was waiting for her boyfriend to get home. She got dressed up in sexy lingerie with sexy stockings. She put on a trench coat and went outside and she realized she forgot her keys. She locked herself out of the house again and had to call for help. The locksmith came and helped her with the lock to the front door. As he was working on unlocking it, her boyfriend called and told her he had to cancel. She decided to fuck the locksmith. She teased him by showing off her hot body underneath the coat. Once he opened the door, she pulled him inside. She sucked and fucked his cock. She rode that dick as her juicy ass and tits bounced around. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her sweet pussy. Suddenly, her boyfriend came home and caught her with cum all over her.
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